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Zur Verstärkung unseres Teams suchen wir für die Wintersaison 2017/2018 folgende Mitarbeiter:

  • Motivierte Schi- & Snowboardlehrer
    in allen Ausbildungsstufen
    für die ganze Saison oder in den Ferien (Weihnachten, Februar, Ostern)

  • Motivierte Mitarbeiter für unseren Schiverleih
    für die Kassa – Verkauf von Schikursen, Schiverleih, Liftkarten u. Accessoires
    für die Montage/Ausgabe des Verleihmaterials
    für Schiservice in der Werkstatt
    Führerschein B und Englischkenntnisse erforderlich, Anlernmöglichkeit für Quereinsteiger

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Snowly, is our kiddies mascot!
For children from the age of 3 on we can offer All day supervision from our Snow & Fun Team.The smallest of the ski heroes will be led carefully into the world of skiing with lots of fun Skiing, playing in Snowly Land, numerous play equipment and naturally fun in the snow – these are the ingredients for an unforgettable Snowly day. Included in a Snowly ticket for Snowly Land kiddies, lunch and lunchtime supervision is included.

So, lets go to Snowly Land!

Snowly Land is probably one of the largest playgrounds in the World! Easily accessible and larger than life, an area situated in the middle of the Skicircus Saalbach Hinterglemm where kids can play to their heart’s content and more:

Carousel, conveyor belt, funny comic figures, “magic carpet” and an exciting train ride with the Snowly Express which leaves the Snowly Land to head for the Winter woods where Snowly himself is always to be found and accompanies the children on the most exciting of adventures. Come to Snowly Land and let yourself be enchanted and have fun in the snow!


Mini Snowlyland
With us the smallest are the biggest!

The Mini-Snowlyland is a world for the smallest ski fans!  Here the children take command, in the meantime parents can take to the pistes for their own enjoyment.  With great games and exciting adventures, little ones get to know the wonderful element of snow – without pressure and performance pressure.  “Of course the children can also try things out, how the ski boots feel, or how to glide on the snow, but with us ‘playing’ is always in the foreground.

The main thing is that the children feel comfortable”, is the belief of our Children’s educationalists of the Mini-Snowlyland.  As playing in the snow is so much fun, to recuperate there is a cosy corner in the Snowly house.  One condition for the pleasure of the little ones: That Mini-Slowlyland is not only a ‘parent free’ zone, but especially a ‘nappy free’ zone.


Snowlyland Skicourse
With us the smallest are the biggest!

Skiing and Winter sports are in general for little ones not the most important things, it has to be fun!  Therefore at Snow & Fun the main balance is achieved through a mixture of learning, fun in the snow and safety always in the foreground.
Snowly kids can also wear the ‘super cool’ Snow & Fun helmets free of charge.  Therefore nothing is standing in the way of you following in the steps of Benni Raich & Co and Snowly is proud of you when you are always using your helmet!
Olympic atmosphere for our little ones?  The Snowly Ticket makes this dream come true.  Thursday is the big day for all Mini-Slowlys where at the race proud parents can see what you have learnt!
At the early stages of sunset, the kiddies will play the major role in the impressive prize giving ceremony at their own arena in Snowly Land, anthems, certificates and medals see the little one’s eyes light up and will be rewarded for their commitment during the race.
The children’s party comes to an end with a firework display and as an unforgettable souvenir, the start number from what perhaps will be the most important race in their lives.  Here’s to the children!


SnowlylandSnowboardcourses - Cool swings in the snow

Absolutely, so cool to be out on the piste and impress the others with a couple of tricks – the dream of many kids. To make this dream into reality the Ski School Snow & Fun Hinterglemm are at hand.“I tried so many times by myself, only to fall on my bottom that I didn’t have fun anymore. Then my parents paid for me to join a beginners course, now I am really impressive” says Simon from Cardiff.It’s not only beginners who gain something from the Snowboard Instructors of Snow & Fun, also those who want to learn different jumps and piste tricks. The tips from the professionals are always the best ones.When it comes to the Funpark, when you make your first 360 or backflip, it’s always much more exciting when part of a group. Excuses were yesterday today is Snow & Fun.
Let’s get it started!



Group distribution –
either after viewing our video in one of our shops, or directly on the `Meeting Place` with the aid of a Ski Instructor.

Group A:
Group B:
Basic Carving ("Pizza")
Blue Pistes 
Tempo: Slow
Group C:
Carving Parellel Stem Turns 
Blue Pistes 
Tempo: Slow
Group D: 
Carving - Stem Christies 
Red Pistes 
Tempo: Medium
Group E:
Carving Parellel Turns 
Black Pistes 
Tempo: High

New as of Winter 2008/2009